Growing up around the mountains in Sichuan, China  and living & working in California for more than a decade,  I developed a love for the outdoors that influences my artwork today. You can easily find  movement and serenity of nature in my work. Nature, esp mountains provide me with such a vast wealth of inspiring phenomena. Most of my paintings don't simply mimic nature. I sought personal expression rather than the representation of landscapes, animals, flowers etc.   

Meanwhile  I can easily find pleasure in simple things and  love to portray everyday life with joy & humor. 

My style has been influenced by Chinese calligraphy and post impressionism, majority of my abstract paintings combine western color relationships and expressive & powerful lines of calligraphy.

I have been professionally trained in both Chinese calligraphy and classical Chinese brush painting. I started teaching in 2021. I love to lead audience into traditional Chinese art world and help them explore the charm and beauty of classic brush painting.

 I have also practiced  oil painting over the years. I'm attempting to bring these two seemingly diverse art forms in harmony through my paintings.